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local seo services

What are Local SEO Services

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the art of ensuring your businesses can be easily found online, by clients using the Google Search Engine (and others), to search for specific keywords relevant to your business.
Most businesses aim to rank as high as possible for targeted ‘Google search terms’, because for a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods such as paid television, print or radio advertising, SEO allows businesses to:

Local SEO Services are a special type of SEO, that ensures business are easily found on Google when clients are searching for local businesses offering specific services or products.

Example of Local SEO Services in Perth

Joe’s Plumbing services the suburbs of Leederville, Mount Lawley, Subiaco and South Perth. Our Local SEO Services ensure that when Mrs Redmond, in Subiaco, uses Google to search for ‘Plumber near me’ or ‘Plumber in Subiaco,’ Joe’s Plumbing ranks as high as possible in the Google search results (ideally on the first page of Google and in the top 3 search results), so that Joe’s business can be easily found by Mrs Redmond and he has the best chance of securing her business.

Why Your business needs Local SEO Services

Discerning Digital are a computer engineer led and business analyst led local SEO company. We are leaders in providing Local SEO Services in Perth and everything we do is driven by data. The data clearly demonstrates the superiority of local SEO services above all other forms of digital marketing (including paid Google Ads and social media marketing). The data also demonstrates why every business should engage a local SEO company to develop effective Local SEO strategies that allow them to stay competitive.

This is what the data is telling us about local SEO Services:
local seo company
The facts and data speak for themselves. This is why Discerning Digital focuses on local SEO services, and not other forms of digital marketing, and why your business should too.


Sports Car

Your Website is your Ferrari

The smooth sleek client-facing interface or vehicle that attracts attention and engages interest.
local seo services

SEO is the Fuel

Local Search Engine Optimisation services are the fuel that needs to be regularly topped up, to power your business website to the top of the Google Search Engine Rankings.

Car Maintenance

Website Maintenance Services is your Trusted Mechanic

Are the premium tune-up you need to ensure your vehicle is in tip-top shape all year round.

Why Choose Discerning Digital

Discerning Digital are experts in providing local SEO Services in Perth. We are passionate about what we do, and we love helping and supporting local businesses achieve their goals. The mission of our local SEO company, is to leverage the infinite power of the internet via our local SEO services to help businesses of all sizes stay competitive and weather tough times. The Discerning Digital difference when providing local SEO services is:

We care

We come from a family of entrepreneurs and small business owners and know first-hand how hard running a small to medium local business can be. Our local SEO company believes in leveraging technology to help businesses work smarter. We also passionately believe that local businesses are the lifeblood of our community. As we are part of the Perth community, we care about your business, we care about your customers and we care about your goals.

Focus on What Works/Dedicated SEO Expertise

Discerning Digital specialise in local SEO Services because the data shows that it is the most effective form of digital marketing. Our local SEO company imparts our specialist SEO knowledge to you using easy-to-understand language, so you know what is happening and what that means for your business.

Long Term Partnerships / No Bullshitters

At Discerning Digital we won’t promise you the world and then underdeliver. We are confident in our craft, however at the same time we manage expectations and are candid about what it will take and how long it will take for our local SEO services to get results. We are your digital partners for the long haul and are interested in building long term relationships based on credibility and trust and are not just interested in short-term sales.

Proven Results

Our local SEO company has a solid and proven history of helping businesses utilise the local business SEO strategies to rank not only on the first page of Google, but in the top 3 of Google search results, for numerous Google keyword search terms, leading to an explosion in sales.

Data Driven Insights & Analysis

Like most companies offering Local SEO services we provide monthly reports on the results of your SEO investment. However, unlike our competitors, as a computer engineer led and business analyst led local SEO Company, we also provide detailed analysis, insights and recommendations on what the data means and what the next steps are to ensure continuous progress toward your business goals.

Continuous Improvement

SEO is not static, and neither are we. Search Engine Optimisation is always changing because of ever-evolving Google algorithm updates that change ranking factors. Our local SEO company is always in tune with the latest trends and updates on SEO ranking strategies. Our company is constantly learning new techniques and incorporating them into the local SEO Services we provide, to ensure your business’ continued SEO success.

Our SEO Services

Discerning Digital are a leading Local SEO company providing Local SEO services in Perth.
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What We Do

We specialise in Local SEO Services.

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What We Don‘t Do

We don’t do Social Media Marketing. We are a local SEO Company. This means we spend our time perfecting our Local SEO services, which data shows is the most effective digital marketing strategy.

Business Growth

The types of Local SEO Services we offer are:

Let us show you how we can use Local SEO Services to improve your websites' Google Rankings

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. The foundation and bedrock of all SEO practices is optimisation. Once your website is highly optimised, your ranking and online visibility also increase. Your website will automatically find its way to the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs). You will gain more traffic, and there will be a dramatic increase in your customer retention rates and revenue.

SEO is the practice of increasing your business visibility online by making your website rank first on search engine results pages like Google and Bing. Search engines scan through your website to fully understand what it’s all about. The best SEO strategies help search engines to easily understand what your website is about and help it rank for specific keyword searches. Therefore, Search Engine Optimisation serves to increase the quality of traffic you receive on your website.

Both SEO and local SEO Services work to boost your website’s visibility in search engine results, making it easier for potential customers to locate, contact, and buy from your company. The difference is Local SEO Services help you grab local search territory and engage with local searchers, whereas traditional SEO focuses on increasing your site’s visibility on a national or international scale. Most techniques used for search engine optimisation also applies to local SEO. Nevertheless, a local SEO company will use targeted tactics to put you in touch with searchers in your local area.

A local SEO company may offer both SEO and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising services. The difference between the two is that content developed for your site by a local SEO company works continuously for you, without interruption. Once the content has been written and is posted to your website, by your local SEO Company, it will continue to be indexed by Google and generate traffic to your website until your website no longer operates. In contrast, as soon as your Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing budget runs out, your website will no longer display in search results. SEO owns your traffic, whereas PPC rents it. Therefore, although SEO may cost time and money, it is still more cost-effective than Pay-Per-Click over the long term.

Yes and No, though there are differences between the ranking factors of the various Search Engines, some factors are also shared. A local SEO company would evaluate your business as to the viability of needing to rank well on each Search Engine based on the visitors you are targeting. Howver, statistics have shown that over 90% of organic traffic comes from Google. Since Google is your target market’s major search engine, your local SEO company will build your SEO strategy with Google as the primary focus.

Like any craft in life, if you have a passion for doing SEO like we do, you can certainly learn to it yourself without engaging a local SEO company. It requires that you implement basic SEO strategies across your website with the right knowledge. However, if it is not your jam, SEO can be very time-consuming, and to do it effectively, you need to consider on-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and technical SEO. Also, you need to be up to date with the latest SEO trends and ranking factors of various search engines, which change from time to time. Therefore, even though you can do SEO yourself, it is always advisable to contract it to a local SEO company to you can focus on what you love to do.

A reputable local SEO company pays attention to three major factors that affect SEO Ranking:
  • Page Load Time: If your website loads too slowly, customers will quickly leave and go to a competitor’s website. Additionally, all search engines, including Google, rank your website lower for having a high Page Load Time. For your site to rank first in search engine results pages, your local SEO company must pay close attention to your Page Load Time and other technical SEO factors (such as your site’s structure and navigation). Technical SEO is a major SEO ranking factor across all search engines.
  • Keyword: This is another major SEO ranking factor. Statistics reveal that one reason websites rank low in search engines is poor usage of keywords. For your website to rank first on search engine results pages, your local SEO company must use the right keywords. Keywords must be carefully researched and chosen to represent what customers are actually searching for, in your niche industry.
  • Content Creation: If your local SEO company publishes high-quality content on your website, visitors will find your site quickly and visit your site regularly, to learn more. This further increases the amount of time visitors spend looking at your site and boosts your ranking on search engines.
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