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Why your Business Should Invest in an IT Consultant

Discerning Digital are a leading IT Consultant in Perth, and everything we do is driven by data. This is what the data is telling us about IT Consulting Services:

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Ready to Embrace Digitalization Through our
IT Consulting Services?

It Problem

The Problem with IT

While we love technology and have a lifelong passion for technology we understand that not everyone is as comfortable with technology and tech speak. We offer IT consulting services because we understand that keeping up with the complexity and fast pace of change in the IT world can be an added stressor that business owners just don’t want to have to deal with every day. In fact, data shows:

The Solution – An IT Consultant

An IT Consultant in Perth provides IT Consulting services to business owners to advise them on the best ways to use IT, technology, and software to benefit their business. Getting advice from an expert IT Consultant in Perth ensures that your business does not incur costs on technology that your business doesn’t need or that isn’t suited to your business goals.
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Ready to Embrace Digitalization Through our
IT Consulting Services?

What IT Consulting Services do we Provide

What We Do

As a Software Engineer Led and Business Analyst Led Software IT Consultant in Perth, our strength at Discerning Digital is in the perfect combination and synergy of strong technical IT expertise with hard-nosed business acumen, to deliver business-focused IT solutions that accelerate your business growth. While we are tech nerds and super-geeks, we don’t believe in the sake of IT just for IT. That is why our IT Consulting services primarily concentrate on the more business-driven sides of IT including:

Our strength, is in combining our strong technical IT expertise with your business goals. Is your business looking to take the next step in its digital journey and considering making an investment in IT or software systems, but not sure where to start? Or do you have a business problem that needs to be solved by investment in IT or software systems but are not sure who you should approach? This is what we thrive on. We have a proven track record of utilising our IT Consulting Services in Perth to help businesses grow.

We are a leading IT Consultant in Perth, who uses WooCommerce and other technology stacks to develop customised full business software solutions for clients. Our previous projects included developing systems with online ordering capability, inventory, and stock management capability with bar code scanning functionality, order fulfillment capability and automation of shipping labels, and bespoke reporting and data analytics. In short, through our Software Consultant Services, we develop customised productivity software to help you better manage your business, and increase productivity and profitability, so you can scale and grow your business.

We host your websites and ensure they are properly maintained to reduce any downtime resulting from your website becoming non-operational. Through our IT Consultant Services, we ensure that your website is protected by the latest security protocols to reduce the chances of a cyberattack and have plans in place to ensure that you can return to business as usual should you be attacked.

We are a leading IT Consultant in Perth, that designs websites that allow you to engage with your clients, generate leads, and increase your client base. We also build cutting-edge eCommerce websites for small to medium businesses.

Our IT Consulting Services Process

As a leading IT Consultant in Perth, our IT consulting services process we follow has helped us to deliver proven results for our clients, encompassing:

  • Listening

    Our IT Consultant comes in and listens to the problem.
  • Understanding

    We ask questions to understand your business. Because we have extensive experience in business development, and business analysis and come from an entrepreneurial background, we know the right questions to ask.  

  • Analysis

    We analyze the current state and the gaps that need to be bridged to take you from where you are to where you want to be.
  • Advice

    We provide advice to you on the options available to solve the problem and the benefits and disadvantages of each option. Our IT and Software Consultant provides this advice in easy-to-understand language and without confusing tech talk. Our priority is making sure you understand so that you can make the best decision for your business.

  • Implementation

    If we are capable of providing the solution in-house, we will provide a quote for the work. We are happy to come up with a plan that works-in with any of your in-house IT or Software teams, so you can leverage your existing resources and minimize the costs to your business.
  • Recommendations and assistance with Vendor Selection

    If we believe the work is better handled by other providers or software consultants, we assess the providers and make recommendations on who can best fulfill your needs.
  • Continued Support and Feedback

    Our IT consultant will provide continued support and training after the deployment of our IT consulting services, to ensure your staff knows how to use the new system to its full potential. We listen to feedback and where required we provide tweaks to systems implemented and developed by us.


The mission of our company is to help small to medium businesses stay competitive and weather tough times by leveraging the infinite power of technology through our IT Consultant services in Perth. The Discerning Digital Difference in providing IT Consulting Services is that we:

We make tech Simple and Easy

We make technology simple and straightforward for folks frustrated by the digital world. Your time and attention are better spent managing your business than on fixing and focusing on technical IT issues. Let our IT Consultant take the stress and headaches away. Let us explain the process behind IT Systems in your language – the language of doing business.

Strong Technical IT Skills

Our team is led by our Software Engineer with more than 20 years of IT experience. Additionally, his strong technical experience is backed by strong formal qualifications via a bachelor of Computer Science & Engineering. Every one of our IT Experts is a proud card-carrying ‘super geek’, with many years of experience in IT consulting for small to medium businesses.

Business-Focused IT

As a Software Engineer Led and Business Analyst led IT Consultant in Perth, we understand that IT is a tool for you to deliver business outcomes and not the other way around. Too often business processes are held to ransom by the limitations of a particular piece of software leading to inefficiencies. We understand that technology should be just a tool that is used to deliver business outcomes. We firmly believe technology should not dictate business processes. Business goals are at the forefront of everything we do, and we are proud of our capability to deliver and build customized and bespoke business solutions to suit your business processes.

Long-Term Collaboration / No BS

Discerning Digital will not make grand claims and then fall short of expectations. We are confident in our craft, however, at the same time, we manage expectations and are candid about what is possible, what it will take, and how long it will take to implement your digital transformation. We are your digital partners for the long haul and are focused on establishing long-term partnerships based on reliability and trust, as opposed to pursuing only short-term sales.