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Services we provide to 3PL businesses

Website Design

If you are a new 3PL business that needs a new website or an existing 3PL business that needs a website redesign, we craft attractive and effective websites that will attract and engage your clients.

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Discerning Digital is a Software Engineer led digital agency that specialises in servicing 3PL warehouse and pick and pack businesses. The specialist services we offer include:
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SEO Services

We specialise in providing SEO Services to 3PL warehouse businesses, pick and pack warehouse businesses and other B2B businesses. Our strategies give 3PL business websites the best chance of ranking as high as possible on Google, generating leads and attracting new clients.

Bespoke Software

The bespoke software we design for 3PL businesses encompass the complete service cycle and can include:

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IT Consulting Services

Our strength is in combining our IT expertise with an understanding of 3PL businesses and your business goals. Is your 3PL business looking to consider investing in IT or Software systems but not sure where to start? Or do you have a business problem that needs to be solved by investment technology but are not sure who you should approach? This is what we thrive on. We can help you analyse the problems and provide advice on the available options. We can develop a bespoke software solution if that is the right course of action for your business. Alternatively, we can assist with vendor selection if it makes better sense for your business to have the solution delivered by other providers.

Why Choose Discerning Digital

Discerning Digital is a Software Engineer led digital agency that specialises in providing SEO Services, IT Consulting Services and Bespoke software to 3PL warehouse and pick and pack businesses. While many software companies and digital agencies service the 3PL sector, the Discerning digital difference is that we offer:

Full-Service Solutions

Many software businesses specialise in servicing 3PL warehouse and pick and pack businesses. There are also companies in the market that specialise in digital marketing and SEO services for 3PL businesses. However, in most cases, they can only provide either software solutions or SEO services, but not both. Unlike other companies who can only offer one piece of the puzzle, as a Software Engineer Led digital agency, we can provide the full suite of SEO and bespoke software services that 3PL companies need. Helping to increase efficiency, acquire new customers and increase revenues through a single provider. We understand your business and provide solutions that both increase revenues (SEO) and increase operational efficiency (bespoke software for 3PL warehouse companies)

Custom Business Software

We understand that business software should be just a tool to deliver business outcomes. Too often, 3PL business processes are dictated by the limitations of off-the-shelf software, leading to inefficiencies. In our view, technology should not hold business processes to ransom. That is why we offer bespoke or custom business software tailored to your 3PL warehouse businesses.

Proven Results

At Discerning Digital, we have proven results in building custom software that allows 3PL warehouse companies to gain competitive advantage and become more efficient (See 3PL Case Study)

Relative Affordability

While customisations are possible for some off-the-shelf 3PL software solutions, the costs of any meaningful customisations of mass-produced 3PL software may prove out of reach for many small to medium 3PL businesses. In light of this, the bespoke software we develop for the specific and unique needs of your 3PL business may be relatively more affordable in the long run.

The Growth of 3PL Businesses

3PL warehouse businesses, also known as Pick and Pack businesses are businesses that specialise in order fulfilment on behalf of other companies or organisations. With the explosion of online shopping and eCommerce many online retailers have expanded at such a rate that they need to outsource the storage, picking, packing, and shipping of inventory to specialist 3PL warehouse businesses and pick and pack businesses.

However, 3PL warehouse companies are not limited to servicing the eCommerce retail sector. There are a number of government, non-profit and corporate organisations who also require the services of 3PL and pick and pack businesses. For example, 3PL warehouse businesses may also manage storage and logistical requirements for large volumes of print and non-print promotional materials, corporate prospectuses, mass mailout letters, brochures and letter drop marketing materials

As customers move away from traditional bricks and mortar businesses, eCommerce and online shopping will continue to grow. In turn, the growth opportunities for 3PL warehouse and pick and pack companies will be limitless. However, to stay competitive, it is essential that 3PL companies keep abreast of digital advancements and invest wisely in technology.

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Why is it Important for 3PL Warehouse Businesses to invest in Technology?

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Labour and Staff Shortages

Data shows how reliant 3PL businesses are on labour. So, it is unsurprising that 3PL companies have been particularly hard hit by staff shortages. These staff shortages are caused by COVID disruptions, changes in migration policy and increases in minimum award rates that all industries nationally and internationally are currently experiencing.

The challenges presented by the difficult labour market emphasise the need to operate more efficiently and increase output with your existing personnel and staff. There are no signs that labour market conditions are easing any time soon. So one of the answers for 3PL businesses undoubtedly lies in investment in technology and custom software that will allow 3PL companies to operate more efficiently and thus output more with existing labour resources.

Skyrocketing Warehouse Space Costs

Massive inflation is currently being experienced across all industries, both internationally and nationally. Due to supply chain disruptions, it is unsurprising that the prices of rent and facilities are increasing, severely impacting 3PL businesses looking to expand. So, it is incumbent on 3PL companies to make more efficient use of their existing warehouse space. One of the ways they can do this is by investing in technologies and bespoke software. That will assist them in more efficiently managing a more significant inventory volume in the same limited space, such as inventory management systems with barcode scanning capability.
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Pick and Pack Services

Maintain competitive advantage

3PL businesses operate in a highly competitive environment, where investment in IT and digitisation is paramount. Not only to keep up with your competitors but is fundamental to ensuring you stay ahead of the pack. Did you know that in 2019, Businesses with marketing plans allocated 41% of their marketing budget to SEO

In a 2021 survey of 3PL providers, the most implemented technologies were as follows

Now that you know what technologies and digital strategies your competitors are using, has your business invested sufficiently in digitisation to maintain its edge?

New Client Acquisition to Increase Revenue

The explosion of eCommerce has been widely credited in media sources as one of the driving forces behind the growth of 3PL companies. However, a 2021 survey of 3PL companies showed that revenue growth in the 3PL industry still came down to good old-fashioned business fundamentals of attracting and retaining customers as.:

So how can 3PL companies acquire new customers? When marketing your business online, SEO is widely acknowledged to be the most effective form of marketing to attract and retain new customers.,
Has your business invested sufficiently in an SEO Strategy to attract new clients?
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